Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Free-Write: Today

Today is a great day; a great day following a great night. I received one of the best night's rest I have had in a long time. I also had an awesome first-date last night; she looked great, the conversation was great, the overall experience was great. Thanks Megan!

Today is a different day. I woke up with my eyes opened a little wider than usual, and wasn't moving as slow. I drove to work with the window down and radio off. Sometimes you need a natural soundtrack while facing the day. I am more motivated to make today one of the best days I have had in a long time.

Today is a happy day. A smile rests on my face as I think about everything and everyone that is important in my life. I am lucky to have such great symbols and examples of life, love, and everything that connects the two.

Today is a dedicatory day. I will live this day in honor of those who have helped shape my life. I have learned a lot in the past 3 years. A lot about others, myself, and what is truly important in life. I dedicate this day to unanswered prayers, blessing I have received (worthy and not), and those I have waiting for me. Mom and dad, I love you.

Today is a beautiful day. Looking out my office window, I see the sun shining with warmth. It highlights the snow capped mountains in the distance, and gives life to what seems like a dead atmosphere. There is a bird perched on a tree branch just outside my window. He communicates songs of joy to his nearby friends. Today is a great day.

Today is Kwynn's day. I am looking forward to spending time with Kwynn tonight. I have to get things ready for a weekend trip I am taking tomorrow, but just know that tonight will be a great night for Kwynn and I. She is such a positive good-natured little girl, that doesn't have to search far for a smile or giggle. Both of us being easily entertained, we have a lot of fun together. I love every second that she is in my mind, heart and site. I love you Kwynnie!

Today is your day. Make today what you want it to be. Make today your day. Here is hoping that everyone will have as great of a day as I will.


Bryce said...

You're awesome my man. Keep on keepin' it real with that cute kid of yours!

Mikal said...

Wow, talk about inspiring. Thanks for sharing all of this. I have fond memories myself of first dates that inspired such thoughts, and birds and smiling children that did the same. Great stuff.

I have a favorite day of the week and date of the month, and on those days everything just seems to be better, kind of like you describe here.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this... I feel ya barking, big dawg. Howl in joy--because it's well deserved!

Rachelle said...

You truly are a most nobleman of noblemen. Your inspiration should be shouted on top of a mountain! I know you didn't have a mountain, you had a blog site, so that will do. Seriously though, you got talent. You should use this talent to rub it in the face of others.. So keep it up, and rub it in my face!!!!