Sunday, February 10, 2008

She Doesn't , But She Does

She doesn’t listen to everything I say, do things my way, tell me it’s ok, or see me everyday…but she does scream, “Hey!”

The full alphabet she doesn’t know, to bed she doesn’t go, and the lawn she doesn’t mow…but she does love to, “Watch a show.”

She doesn’t back me in a fight, tell me it’s alright, like to go “Na-Night,” or band-aid a bite…but she does hug me so tight.

She doesn’t like to share, meet me over there, wash my underwear, or brush my hair…but she does join me in prayer.

She doesn’t take away my fears, remember the years, buy us some beers, or introduce me to peers…but she does live in my tears.

She doesn’t settle for any drink, reach the bathroom sink, or wear it if it’s not pink…but she does look just like me, I think.

She doesn’t stay up late with me, take me on a shopping spree, or even always agree…but she does call me, “Daddy.”

She doesn’t hear me say, “Daddy loves you” everyday…but she does let me call her my “Special K”.

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Sara said...

This is really sweet. Thanks for sharing!