Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Proud Daddy Moment: Kwynn becomes a cheerleader

Although Kwynn gives me numerous "Proud Daddy Moments," this one in particular I wanted to share with everyone. Here is a video I took of Kwynn voluntarily becoming the newest member of the Pleasant Grove Vikings football cheer squad. She absolutely loved it. I coach football for the 8th grade Lehi Pioneers team, and we had our first game a couple of weeks ago. This video was taken while our team was warming up and waiting our turn to take the field. It took some pretty serious negotiating and bribery to pull this little girl away from the rest of the squad when it was time. I don't know about you, but I think she is a natural!

Check out the video by clicking here, or by searching www.youtube.com with keywords "Kwynn Cheerleader."


Andee (+ Kelly) said...

Cutest thing I've ever seen! I especially love the grand finale of the head stand attempt.

I can't wait to see your career in dance/cheer progress!

(Love the picture on top!)

Dean Sabey said...

Hello J and K,

Y'all are the best
con amor DOD

Mrs. Green said...

oh my gosh. i can't believe this was already 3 months ago.

Mrs. Green said...

are you going to update this soon? you ARE aren't you? :)

Anonymous said...
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